SgneepBox Quickstart

documents update: 27/09/2022
boot ready

To get started with SgneepBox, you will need a Raspberry Pi3, a SgneepBox jeOS zip file image, a 64/GB USB drive, a HDMI compatible TV/monitor (support for official touch-screens also), an HDMI cable, and a power adapter.


Raspberry Pi3

SgneepBox jeOS (download .zip image file)

USB Drive from 64/GB

Tv / Monitor HDMI ( support for official touch-screen )

HDMI cable

Power Adapter

Button Shortcut:

Control SgneepBox jeOS is very easy:


Win+F1 = open online documentation (SgneepBox Script)


Win+F10 = save screenshot ( save .png image in /home/pi/screenshot )


Win+F11 = open SgneepBox IDE


Win+F12 = run SgneepBox-script ( the last script executed in IDE)

Open your FIRST script:

Remember: after you run the script, return to the SgneepBox IDE only by pressing the Win + F11 buttons

VisualEditor IDE example

In the 'FILE TOOLS'[1] window scroll with the arrow keys or mouse wheel until you reach the DEMO_JUKEBOX file.

Now press twice above the name to load the script into the editor.

Perfect. In the drop down menu at the top left you will find 'Run' -> 'RunScript'[2] to launch your first script.

Repeat the operations to show another script.

VisualEditor IDE example
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