After making the payment you will be redirected to the page with your username and password to unlock the license.

The user license enables and makes only one device (RaspberryPi) usable at a time.

If you lose the USB key or destroy it, simply re-enter the credentials provided.

!!Important!! Unlocking the key requires an active connection (Lan or Wifi)

License Activation and Validation

follow the steps below in order:

(Step 1)
Open Linux Terminal and write:
cd /home/pi/LICENSE [return]

(Step 2)
Reset license system, write:

(Step 3)
Enable SgneepBox CORE, write:
./LC2set *user *password [return]

(Step 4)
Enable SgneepBox jeOS, write:
./LC2unlock *user *password [return]

Now close terminal or type :exit [return]

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