License Installation!!

After purchasing the desired plugin, Sgneep Licensing Server sent an email to your e-mail address provided by Paypal, containing the attached .LIC file.

To install the purchased plugin you will not have to do anything else

- open your email

 - download the .LIC file that you find attached to the email

 - copy the .LIC file to the '/home/pi/Desktop/CBOT/LICENSE/LIC/' folder in Sgneep-Box

 - press (Win + F11), type the command 'license install', press enter.

 - now the license name will be asked, enter the same file name downloaded, without the extension .LIC, example: 'button.LIC' becomes 'button'.

 - now Sgneep-Box will install the license again asking for the name and surname of the holder of the license who made the payment through Paypal and wait for the end of the process.


- The license is now installed, you can verify the correct reading of the license by entering the command 'license info' in the Sgneep-Box Terminal.

Enter the license name when prompted.

In case of problems with payment or license, please contact us at the following email address: [email protected]

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