Send Message

Send direct photoshoot in target email:

Set STMP Server:

mail_server (SMTP_SERVER)

mail_port (PORT)

mail_user (USERNAME)

mail_pass (PASSWORD)


send flle with email server:

mail_send_file [mailObject] [targetMail] [file]

*file = file or image

send image with email server:

mail_usbcam_send [targetMail]

mail_noIRcam_send [targetMail]


# Send image with Usb or NOIRCam
# Config GMAIL Server
mail_port 587
mail_user [email protected]
mail_pass your_password
# Call from IO_check
make_sub send
sub send mail_usbcam_send [email protected]
# or
# sub send mail_noIRcam_send [email protected]
# Config Hardware Button connected to Rpi GPIO pin 23
IOT_object push_btn in 23 15 pull_up
IOT_check push_btn in equal 1 CALL send
# ...
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