SgneepBox Uart Wrapper, version 1.0(2020)

Hardware interface pin(BCM): GPIO14 GPIO15

Configure UART Interface:

config UART:

set_baudrate 9600
set_parity NONE [NONE] [EVEN] [ODD] [MARK] [SPACE]
set_stopbit STOP1 [STOP1, STOP2,STOP15]
set_bytesize 8BIT [5BIT, 6BIT, 7BIT, 8BIT]
set_timeout 1

start UART:

set_UART create

Read data from UART:

set_UART read [id] [fnc_type] [fnc_data] [returnCode]
[id] : value to compare with the serial data received
[fnc_type] : define the function type with "mp3, callsub, python2 or python3" value
[fnc_data] : define filename path or sgneepBox script function name
[returnCode] : define then return code sended with serial port

Write data to UART:

set_UART write [datatype] [value] [cr]
[datatype] : contain HEX or RAW data
[value] : contain Data to send to UART
[cr] : carriage Return, (value: CR or NONE)
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