You can find the snippets of the functions in the SgneepBox-IDE interface, so you will be immediately able to start your new DIY project.

SgneepBox IDE:

Graphics Interface

SgneepBox OS offers a graphic library written in python.

You can write your HMI (Human Machine Interface) interface and configure the menus with simple commands.


Supports alpha channels, dual state buttons, gauges, button slider, screen auto off, noIR camera support, background and slider, and easy programmable menù level


SgneepBox Script contains functions and commands capable of controlling actuators and sensors currently on the market connected to the 40 Pin GPIO port of the RaspBerry PI-3

Audio / Video:

You can program multimedia content and have the support of sensors and actuators. SgneepBox Script integrates commands to perform all operations quickly and easily.

Desktop Automation:


SgneepBox Script supports all functions to control the real mouse and keyboard.

Thanks to the integrated scheduler we can control applications of any type through scripts quickly and easily.


You will have commands such as movement, clicks, pauses, random numbers, variables and everything that SgneepBox jeOS supports.


With SgneepBox you can start creating projects for streaming on Youtube or Facebook

SgneepBox use the RTMPS protocol

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