A horizontal text based news ticker:

ds_ticker_dim *W *H

*W *H = width and height

ds_ticker_xy *ID *X *Y

*X *Y = screen axis

ds_ticker_color *ID *txtColor *bgColor

*ID = ticker Id

*txtColor = foreground color [color,Hex]

*bg = background color [color,Hex]

ds_ticker_text *ID null *textDim *textFont

*textDim = font dimension

*textFont = font name

ds_ticker_speed *ID *msec

*msec = microseconds for next scrolling


clear Ticker text

ds_ticker_text_add *tickerText

*tickerText = add new text for new Ticker

ds_ticker_run *ID

run Ticker with *ID name


ds_ticker_color mytick black red
ds_ticker_text_add Welcome in SgneepBox Script Editor, version 3.0
ds_ticker_text mytick null 20 choda
ds_ticker_speed mytick 180
ds_ticker_xy mytick 0 550
ds_ticker_dim mytick 1200 80
# run ticker:
ds_ticker_run mytick
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