Digital Signage

Hardware Components:

1 Raspberry pi 3


#Music Credits:
digital_clock turquoise2 black
digital_clock_font demonstration
digital_clock_xy 10 524
ds_background 3d.jpg
#SX Banner
ds_slider_xy journal 10 10
ds_slider_delay journal 120
ds_slider_dim journal 280 504
ds_slider_run journal
button_xy cover1 330 10
button_xy cover2 330 10
button_xy cover3 330 10
button_xy cover4 330 10
button_xy cover6 330 10
button_xy cover7 330 10
button_xy cover8 330 10
button_xy cover9 330 10
button_xy cover11 330 10
button_xy cover12 330 10
button_xy cover13 330 10
button_xy cover14 330 10
button_dim cover1 150 150
button_dim cover2 150 150
button_dim cover3 150 150
button_dim cover4 150 150
button_dim cover6 150 150
button_dim cover7 150 150
button_dim cover8 150 150
button_dim cover9 150 150
button_dim cover11 150 150
button_dim cover12 150 150
button_dim cover13 150 150
button_dim cover14 150 150
button_img cover1 realestate/home1.jpg
button_img cover2 realestate/home2.jpg
button_img cover3 realestate/home3.jpg
button_img cover4 realestate/home4.jpg
button_img cover6 realestate/home5.jpg
button_img cover7 realestate/home6.jpg
button_img cover8 realestate/home7.jpg
button_img cover9 realestate/home8.jpg
button_img cover11 realestate/home9.jpg
button_img cover12 realestate/home10.jpg
button_img cover13 realestate/home11.jpg
button_img cover14 realestate/home12.jpg
button_call cover1 slider1
button_call cover2 slider1
button_call cover3 slider1
button_call cover4 slider1
button_call cover6 slider1
button_call cover7 slider1
button_call cover8 slider1
button_call cover9 slider1
button_call cover11 slider1
button_call cover12 slider1
button_call cover13 slider1
button_call cover14 slider1
button_run cover1
button_run cover2
button_run cover3
button_run cover4
button_run cover6
button_run cover7
button_run cover8
button_run cover9
button_run cover10
button_run cover11
button_run cover12
button_run cover13
#rewrite button function
make_sub rewrite_btn
sub rewrite_btn ds_mp3_close
sub rewrite_btn ds_slider_close sliderfolder
sub rewrite_btn button_close btn_close
sub rewrite_btn button_run cover1
sub rewrite_btn button_run cover2
sub rewrite_btn button_run cover3
sub rewrite_btn button_run cover4
sub rewrite_btn button_run cover6
sub rewrite_btn button_run cover7
sub rewrite_btn button_run cover8
sub rewrite_btn button_run cover9
sub rewrite_btn button_run cover11
sub rewrite_btn button_run cover12
sub rewrite_btn button_run cover13
sub rewrite_btn button_run cover14
# slider
make_sub slider1
sub slider1 button_close cover1
sub slider1 button_close cover2
sub slider1 button_close cover3
sub slider1 button_close cover4
sub slider1 button_close cover6
sub slider1 button_close cover7
sub slider1 button_close cover8
sub slider1 button_close cover9
sub slider1 button_close cover11
sub slider1 button_close cover12
sub slider1 button_close cover13
sub slider1 button_close cover14
sub slider1 ds_slider_xy sliderfolder 360 10
sub slider1 ds_slider_dim sliderfolder 720 420
sub slider1 ds_slider_run sliderfolder
sub slider1 button_xy btn_close 900 450
sub slider1 button_dim btn_close 64 64
sub slider1 button_img btn_close do.png
sub slider1 button_call btn_close rewrite_btn
sub slider1 button_run btn_close
ds_slider_xy slider3 10 370
ds_slider_delay slider3 2
ds_slider_dim slider3 280 100
ds_slider_run slider3
ds_ticker_text_add Sgneep-Box, this is a demo of Digital Signage System, press image buttton to view slider
ds_ticker_xy myid 325 530
ds_ticker_dim myid 920 100
ds_ticker_speed myid 310
ds_ticker_text myid testfile.ticker 53 demonstration
ds_ticker_color myid black green2
ds_ticker_run myid
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