Electronic Timer

Hardware Components:

1 Raspberry pi 3 version B.

1 relay 5v/220v

1 electric immersion pump 220v.

copy and paste the script below into your Sgneep-Box.

- enter the sgneep-box terminal.

- insert the command 'edit script'

- Paste and save the script in the opened text editor.

- wait 5 seconds, the script will start automatically.

- or use 'load script' command in Sgneep-Box terminal.

This simple script turns your raspberry pi into an electronic timer chrono using the power of the 40-pin GPIO.


#electronic timer demo

#change background ds_background back2.jpg

#define relay function ( GPIO pin 15 )
make_sub relay_on
sub relay_on IOT_out 15 on

make_sub relay_off
sub relay_off IOT_out 15 off

#set electronic timer
timed_sub ALL 17:40 18:00 relay_on
timed_sub ALL 18:00 18:30 relay_off
timed_sub ALL 18:30 18:45 relay_on
timed_sub ALL 18:45 00:00 relay_off
timed_sub ALL 00:00 17:40 relay_off
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