Sgneep JukeBox

Hardware Components:

1 Raspberry pi 3 version B.

copy and paste the script below into your Sgneep-Box.

- enter the sgneep-box terminal.

- insert the command 'edit script'

- Paste and save the script in the opened text editor.

- wait 5 seconds, the script will start automatically.


# Music credits: ds_background back2.jpg
# Banner Sx
ds_slider_xy jukebox 10 10
ds_slider_delay jukebox 120
ds_slider_dim jukebox 280 720
ds_slider_run jukebox
line button_xy cover1 300 10
button_xy cover2 520 10
button_xy cover3 740 10
button_xy cover4 960 10
line button_xy cover6 300 190
button_xy cover7 520 190
button_xy cover8 740 190
button_xy cover9 960 190
line button_xy cover11 300 370
button_xy cover12 520 370
button_xy cover13 740 370
button_xy cover14 960 370
button_dim cover1 200 150
button_dim cover2 200 150
button_dim cover3 200 150
button_dim cover4 200 150
button_dim cover6 200 150
button_dim cover7 200 150
button_dim cover8 200 150
button_dim cover9 200 150
button_dim cover11 200 150
button_dim cover12 200 150
button_dim cover13 200 150
button_dim cover14 200 150
button_img cover1 jukebox/summer.jpg
button_img cover2 jukebox/sweet.jpg
button_img cover3 jukebox/energy.jpg
button_img cover4 jukebox/happiness.jpg
button_img cover6 jukebox/hey.jpg
button_img cover7 jukebox/funkysuspence.jpg
button_img cover8 jukebox/downtown.jpg
button_img cover9 jukebox/ukulele.jpg
button_img cover11 jukebox/thelounge.jpg
button_img cover12 jukebox/jazzyfrenchy.jpg
button_img cover13 jukebox/allthat.jpg
button_img cover14 jukebox/love.jpg
button_call cover1 play1
button_call cover2 play2
button_call cover3 play3
button_call cover4 play4
button_call cover6 play6
button_call cover7 play7
button_call cover8 play8
button_call cover9 play9
button_call cover11 play11
button_call cover12 play12
button_call cover13 play13
button_call cover14 play14
button_run cover1
button_run cover2
button_run cover3
button_run cover4
button_run cover6
button_run cover7
button_run cover8
button_run cover9
button_run cover11
button_run cover12
button_run cover13
button_run cover14
# Mp3 Function #------------------------------line1
make_sub play1
sub play1 ds_mp3_load bensound-summer.mp3
sub play1 sleep 5
make_sub play2
sub play2 ds_mp3_load bensound-sweet.mp3
sub play2 sleep 5
make_sub play3
sub play3 ds_mp3_load bensound-energy.mp3
sub play3 sleep 5
make_sub play4
sub play4 ds_mp3_load bensound-happiness.mp3
sub play4 sleep 5
make_sub play6
sub play6 ds_mp3_load bensound-hey.mp3
sub play6 sleep 5
make_sub play7
sub play7 ds_mp3_load bensound-funkysuspence.mp3
sub play7 sleep 5
make_sub play8
sub play8 ds_mp3_load bensound-downtown.mp3
sub play8 sleep 5
make_sub play9
sub play9 ds_mp3_load bensound-ukulele.mp3
sub play9 sleep 5
make_sub play11
sub play11 ds_mp3_load bensound-thelounge.mp3
sub play11 sleep 5
make_sub play12
sub play12 ds_mp3_load bensound-jazzyfrenchy.mp3
sub play12 sleep 5
make_sub play13
sub play13 ds_mp3_load bensound-allthat.mp3
sub play13 sleep 5
make_sub play14
sub play14 ds_mp3_load bensound-love.mp3
sub play14 sleep 5
ds_ticker_xy myid 300 530
ds_ticker_dim myid 920 100
ds_ticker_speed myid 310
ds_ticker_text myid testfile.tiker 53 arial
ds_ticker_color myid black yellow
ds_ticker_run myid
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