SharkBot DOC'S Page


IOT_check (id_name) (type) (condition) (value) (CALL) (makesub_ID) ELSE (makesub_ID)

id_name = name of the object

type = dht11t (read temperature)

dht22t (read temperature)

dht11h (read humidity)

dht22h (read humidity)

in (read pushbutton)

condition = 'great' , 'less' or 'equal'

value = valore da confrontare

CALL makesub_ID = definied with 'make_sub' command

ELSE makesub_ID = definied with 'make_sub' command

check if 'value' is equal, less or great respected the input value of the sensor.

The 'IOT_check' command work in conjunction to 'IOT_object' command.

if True CALL at the function name.

if False (ELSE) call at the another function name.

Copy and paste the script in Sgneep-Box Script:


# Define sound-bell

make_sub soundbell

sub soundbell ds_mp3_load bell.mp3

# -------- ... -------

# Push button with pull-up resistor enabled

IOT_object push_btn in 23 5 pull_up

IOT_check push_btn in equal 1 CALL sound_bell